What is turbodiff?

Turbodiff is a binary diffing tool developed as an IDA plugin. It discovers and analyzes differences between the functions of two binaries.


Turbodiff works with IDA versions 4.9 and 5.x.


For the binaries:
Download the plugin and store it at the directory "..\IDA\plugins".

If you want to compile it on your own: We have compiled it and tested it using Borland C. For the free version of IDA Pro (4.9) you'll need to first:
1. Generate the ida_free.lib library. To do this execute:
"implib -c ida_free.lib ida_free.def"
2. Next, you must have the linker use this library.
3. Compile.

Comparing two files:

  1. Open the first file to be compared with IDA and run /Option 1 (take info from this idb)/ from the plugin. Close.
  2. Open the second file to be compared with IDA and run /Option 1 (take info from this idb)/ from the plugin.
  3. Use /Option 2 (compare with...)/ from the plugin, and when prompted to select a file, select the first file. Chose if you want a log file to be genreated and run. Once finished a functions table will popup (watch Figure 1) describuing results. The results are then saved for later usage.

Accessing a comparison generated earlier:

  1. Open one of the files with IDA. Select /Option 3 ("Compare functions with...")/ from the plugin options and choose the other file to be compared. The table will popup without executing any new tasks.

Comparing any two functions:

  1. After comparing two files, you can compare any two functions between each by using /Option 4 ("Free comparison with...")/ and specifying the addresses of these actions.

Understanding the Output

The table

Each row represents two funct5ions that are being compared, and with 5 columns, category, address, name, address, name, where category describes the relationship between two functions, the 2nd and 3rd column describe address/name for the first function and the 4th and 5th columns describe address/name for the second function being compared.
The categories can be:

Colors for basic blocks when diffing functions


Known Issues


This software is provided under the GPLv2 license.

Contact Us

Whether you want to report a bug or give some suggestions on this package, drop us a few lines at oss- at -coresecurity.com or contact the author, Nicolas Economou, at neconomou@


Release date
License type
GPL v2.


turbodiff_1.01b_r2_ida_free_5.rar - turbodiff_1.01b_r2_ida_free_5